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Wake the Beast.

Blast the beat.

A huge diamiteter of the bass driver is capable to produce a shock wave in the room. Use it with care!

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Wunderbass ™

BAUSOUND Wunderbass™ defines a completely new category of products in the home audio market: the Luxury Home EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

The  outstanding speaker can fill the home party space with an extremely dynamic and deep bass. Fans of electronic music can enjoy the beat and feel it with the entire body.

EDM z ludzikiem.png

Handcrafted Composite


The loudspeaker enclosure is handcrafted in the resin-based laminate technology. Fiberglass and carbon fiber versions are available on request

Ø 30 cm 


The huge 30 cm subwoofer is the centerpiece of the Wunderbass™ loudspeaker. The woofer is characterized by exceptional acoustic parameters, in particular the high Xmax.


Additionally, two powerful coaxial drivers cover the mid-high frequency range of sound

1 x Subwoofer Ø 30 xm

W-Bass speaker.png

2 x Coaxial

Available colors




EDM Wklęsła.388 (1).jpg
W-Front No Mask.png

Illuminated Grill


The speaker is delivered with a beautiful protective grille, with a white circle motif at the front which refers to the BAUSOUND logo. Optionally, it is also  offered with an amazing, illuminated grill with animated LED lighting.

Front without grill

W-Mask Whitr.png

Standard Grill

W-Mask Color.png

Illuminated Grill

Meet us in Munich


All our loudspeakers are handcrafted in the EU to order. To get your unit first, visit our stand in the HIGH END Show 2022 on May 21st or 22nd in Munich and book your beautiful speaker.

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