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From €2.400

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Vital and Vibrant Sound.

Immerse yourself in vibrant sound shaped by high performance first-order two-way crossovers, offering dynamic and authentic audio experiences.

Precise frequency separation

First-order crossovers feature gentle filter slopes, allowing for a more natural and smooth transition between frequency bands. This results in a cleaner and more cohesive sound, making the music sound livelier and more dynamic.

Minimal distortions

Utilizing first-order two-way crossovers minimizes sound distortions since each speaker (woofer and tweeter) is optimally matched to produce sound within its natural frequency range. Less distortion translates to a cleaner and more natural sound reproduction.

Improved phase coherence

First-order crossovers help maintain better phase coherence between speakers, which is crucial for maintaining correct sound descent and localization in space. This allows listeners to enjoy a more spatial and three-dimensional sound sensation.

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