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In tribute to Black Square

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Our flagship Model 101 was created in the autumn of 2020, i.e. 101 years after the most famous school of design, the Bauhaus, was founded in Weimar. We like to think that Walter Gropius, if he had worked as a product designer in audio, would say in his manifesto: The ultimate aim of the whole audio industry is the complete experience of listening!

At BAUSOUND, we seek a way to design audio devices whose functions and parameters follow the way how present generations want to listen to music. We combine high-end technologies from various domains to produce the perfect listening experience. The outstanding look of the products, appreciated by customers, is just a side benefit.


Form follows function.

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Meet us in Munich


Visit our stand in the HIGH END Show 2022 on May 21st or 22nd in Munich and book your beautiful speaker

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